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Are You Ready to Share Your Creative Genius With the World?

You’re here because you understand what it takes to stand out in the writing world: 


Showing up online in a way that makes people know, like, and trust you. You totally get that the “buy my book” posts don’t work. You’re aware that just spamming people with your writing business won’t get clients signing up for your services. 


You learned all of that the hard way -- like I did!

I published three books that I spent a solid year writing with no marketing plan, wondering why my Amazon Dashboard was looking sad.


I jumped into a freelance writing business after having my daughter, struggling to gain clients and traction. Again, no content and no marketing.


Now we both know better and let me tell you, as a writer you already have a leg up in the content marketing game.

You know how to tell a story.


You know how to write words that move people.


You never run short on creative ideas.

All you need now is someone to help you put it all together into a content marketing plan that shares your writer brand with the world, builds your tribe, and creates a profitable writing business. 

And I’m here to show you how!

What's Included in This Monthly Service

 Consulting Calls

Once a month, we'll get on a 30-minute video call to check in on the status of our work as well as l brainstorm ideas for social media posts, newsletters, blog posts, courses, etc.

Content Calendar

We'll create and update your content calendar so you'll always know what to post on social media, email to your fans, and when to launch any courses, webinars, etc.

Content Production

I'll write and design one piece of content for you so there’s one less thing on your marketing plate. That content can be a:

  • Newsletter

  • Blog post (up to 500 words)

  • Targeted email

When we start working together you'll gain:

You'll have a solid marketing plan every month that is on brand and works with your schedule. 

You'll know exactly what to share on social media that will engage and grow your tribe.

You'll send out that author newsletter on time every month that will turn your subscribers into loyal fans regardless of whether you're published or not.

You'll have more time to write or take on more clients because you have a partner taking on some of the marketing work for you.


What Makes Me Your Next Content Creative Parnter?

I’ve worked in the digital marketing space for over 10 years. I started blogging for Yahoo!'s beauty vertical in 2008 as a way to get back to my love of writing after years of chasing a "safe job." I got my first taste of the editorial world where creativity meets deadlines and brand standards. 

When I become a mom in 2012, I left my day job to work for myself as a freelance writer and social media manager.  While my little one played under my desk, I wrote content and managed social media profiles for a variety of clients, including a TV review site. 

Fast forward to 2015, I landed my first full-time job as a Senior Web Editor for an upscale beauty magazine. Then I moved on to a Content Strategist role for a large franchise company where I manage the content from idea to production.

But I never lost my love for writing for YA Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels. After coming home from my day job, I was writing stories with a dream of being a successful writer. 

And I still do! Only this time, I figured out a way to marry my professional experience with a writing community I've been a part of for years. You see, a lot of the marketing advice out there is solid but it's missing one key thing:

How it can be applied to products that feature swords, sabers, and elemental magic. 

That's how the Content Creative was born and I seriously cannot wait to work with you!


Margaret is a life-saver for the

overwhelmed authorpreneur!

She listened to my ideas, got to know my brand, and swiftly created a plan to organize my schedule, social media, and emails to effectively reach my audience. No more erratic posting, missed deadlines, or last-minute panicking because I forgot a newsletter was due! She’s a jewel and I love getting to work with her.

Katie Phillips

Fiction Editor, and Author Coach

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