Hey Girl!

I'm Margaret. 

Digital Professional.

Female Fiction Author.

Marvel Fan for Life.

Hey Girl! I’m Margaret. Let me introduce myself!

I’m a digital marketer, content strategist, and a fellow fiction writer who is passionate about helping our community thrive and become profitable businesswomen. I bring over 10 years of experience in developing and executing content strategies for one-woman businesses and corporations alike. My superpower is helping women authors and coaches like you gain clarity on their business, organize all of their amazing content ideas, and put together a plan of action that works for her brand.  

Like you, I found a way to turn my passion for writing into a career.

But it took a long time and plenty of bumps along the road to get to this place in my business.

Here's how I did it.

I started as a shy little girl from Queens, NY who walked around with a notebook and pen everywhere. Writing was a way to do the things I read about — travel through magical mirrors, survive on an island, or fight evildoers with swords and lightsabers! Then college happened. I abandoned storytelling to pursue a “real job”. My dream of publishing a book was replaced by a dream of being in a courtroom, outsmarting the legal system Law and Order style. I got all the grades, made the right connections, and just knew that this dream was going to happen.

Guess what? It didn’t.


So at 28 years old, I made an exciting yet scary decision to pursue a career in writing.

I just wasn’t sure how -- so I did all the things:

  • Wrote my first full-length fantasy novel (and rewrote it like 20 million times)

  • Was writing 3 to 4 blog posts a week

  • Spent hours on tweeting and posting to Facebook every day

  • Wrote blogs for online and offline outlets

  • Went to local writer meet-up groups where I could talk about my fiction.

  • Volunteered as a content and social media manager for a local publishing company.


The desire to do all of this full time was burning in me like the flames of Mordor. But I had a day job, a husband, and a new house that also needed my time and attention. 

Then in 2012, I became a mom for the first time. 

I was driven to become a better person and serve as an example of what’s possible in life. I wanted my daughter to grow up unafraid of pursuing her dreams.

But how could I want that for her and not for me?

So that year I decided not to go back to my job and start a freelance writing business. Navigating motherhood while creating a new business was a struggle -- especially when I was determined to do all the things! 

I wanted to be the mom who took her baby to all the playdates, read all the stories, and made her own baby food (yes I totally did that!).

I wanted to be the businesswoman who could pitch new clients, scour freelancing sites, write guest blogs, flood social media with stuff, and take any assignment that came my way.

It wasn't working out for me at all.

My business was barely moving and my baby was becoming an energetic toddler.

Back to the corporate world I went but this time I was still going to do what I loved -- writing. I landed a job as a Senior Web Editor and entered the world of content marketing. I was fiction writing again, squeezing in time to write sci-fi stories. While I was cranking out stories, my marketing was barely existent -- just a fledgling newsletter and a neglected Instagram feed. I knew what I needed to do content-wise, but had no idea how to do it for myself and when I would have time to actually do it.

Life gave me another hard push.

I had my second daughter in 2017. I got a divorce in 2018. 


That’s when I had to take a really hard look at my life. What do I want this new chapter to look like?  I still wanted to write fantasy and sci-fi stories. I still wanted the freedom the entrepreneurship life gave me to be there for my girls.Yet I didn’t know how I was going to achieve any of that as a new single mom with two young kids. But what I did know was this.


I couldn't do it alone.

There was no way I could do everything well and move my business forward. I needed my digital marketing peeps to bounce ideas off of. I needed an editor who not only got my vision but the expertise to take my writing where it needed to go. I needed a branding coach to take me off the “Let’s do all the Marketing Things” train and show me where I really needed to spend my precious time. I had the right people to help me stay on track, make the best use of my time, and help me grow as an authorpreneur. I couldn’t have done any of this without the help of my tribe. 

All this time I  was missing a key piece of the puzzle in my creative business - asking for help!

Girl, my life and business was finally moving in the right direction:

I am much more confident in my writing, learning so much more about craft than I ever did when I wrote my first three books alone.


I’m part of an engaged community of readers that are genuinely excited to hear about my stories.


I’m managing my time like a boss, developing techniques that help me balance my creative business, my fiction-writing, and single motherhood.


I get to have fun! Whether I’m reading the latest YA Fantasy novel or taking my girls on vacation, I’m enjoying life and creating memories. 

Asking my tribe for help helped make all of this possible.

And the best way to pay them back for all of their support is to pay it forward.


Now it's my turn to help you grow your writing business without the stress, overwhelm, and disappointment of not seeing results.

Are you ready to take control of your writing career and take it to the next level?


Ready to say buh-bye to all of that stress and overwhelm?


Lady I'm here to help!

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