5 Stress-Free Topics for Your Author Newsletter

Newsletters are your secret weapon to creating a tribe of fans who will buy your books.


So let’s dispel the myth that you can’t send out an amazing newsletter, shall we?

With this guide you will:​

  • Create 5 topics for your author newsletter even if you have never been published and no one knows you.

  • Create a consistent stream of ideas to send to your community so you never again leave them hanging for months.

  • Spark the momentum needed before you’re ready to publish your book, so you have a core group of fans who will actually buy it from you.

Hey Girl! I'm Margaret.

I’m a digital marketer, content strategist, and a fellow fiction writer who is passionate about helping our community thrive and become profitable businesswomen. I bring over 10 years of experience in developing and executing content strategies for one-woman businesses and corporations alike. My superpower is helping women authors and coaches like you gain clarity on their business, organize all of their amazing content ideas, and put together a plan of action that works for her brand.